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As the industry-leading electronic filing solution for courts, Odyssey® eFileGA allows users to easily open court cases and e-file documents from a single website to a number of Georgia courts anytime and from anywhere — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Similar to the federal document filing system for Georgia — Case Management Electronic Case Filing System (CM/ECF), Odyssey eFileGA significantly streamlines the case filing process and provides benefits to both the filer and the court.


image Odyssey eFileGA delivers electronic filing via a secure web portal for attorneys, self-represented litigants and government agencies. You don’t need any unique software, middleware or hardware — all you need is Internet access and a browser. Download the Odyssey eFileGA overview for filers »

  • Submit court documents online to any participating jurisdiction.
  • Have your filing fees automatically calculated for you when you submit filings.
  • Receive filing status updates via email.
  • Get a file-stamped copy upon the clerk’s acceptance.

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Georgia courts are collaborating to simplify and promote the e-filing of court documents with Odyssey eFileGA and unify processes and data across counties and case types. View a list of participating courts »

E-filing and Your Court
E-filing empowers courts to improve business processes, decrease foot traffic in the courthouse, reduce paper consumption and more. Download the Odyssey eFileGA product overview »

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Counties and states across the country use Tyler's e-filing solution for their courts.